10,000 orders later….

Somehow life and work happened and I’m now at 10,000+ sales in my tiny little Etsy Shop.  Who knew that this was possible and so quickly at that!!  It’s crazy that my stomach still gets in knots when I see that I have new feedback.. 10k orders later and I still worry that someone will have something bad to say, haha.  I guess that ultimately means that I still care today as much as I did when this all started for me.

Of course there are still some days when I miss the routine of commuting to/from work and going out to lunch with coworkers and sharing weekend stories, and really just having these huge marketing projects and campaigns that I was responsible for – the stress, the execution, the relief, all of it.  In a sense I have some of that and more these days (lucky to have friends who are also entrepreneurs with schedules as flexible as mine), but it’s also very interesting.. and awkward to say the least when your biggest marketing campaigns and strategies now include marketing yourself.  I have mixed feelings about it and I probably always will.  Par for the course I guess.

Anyway, I screencapped this because it’s definitely something that I should remember and rejoice and celebrate. <3

goldtinsel 10k

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