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Secret Santa Scratch-Off’s + Printable

Last year I made Secret Santa scratch-off’s for my family, and turns out they were quite a hit (both offline and online).  I pinned them some time ago (see link here), and I keep getting questions as to how they were made.  That said – here is a very simple, diy tutorial.

photo 1First things first – you will need:
1) Printable pdf (yay!) – print as many as you need.  I did them in variating colors of red, green and silver. Download them here: secretsantacards-outlined
2) Marker of some sort
3) Scratch off stickers (I buy mine in CRAZY BULK, but there are lots and lots of tutorials on how to make these – more on that later)
4) List of all the names who will be participating in your secret santa

photo 2Once you’ve downloaded the printable pdf, cut them down to size.  You’ll notice that each card has a faint square grid toward the bottom of the card.  Make sure you write the names of those participating within that box only – otherwise the sticker/ scratch-offs won’t cover it completely.

photo 3And as simple as cutting down the cards to size, you will simply finish by placing a sticker directly over the names.  Once they’re on, you can test one out by scratching it with a coin.  You’ll notice that the sticker itself is clear, just with some type of paint over top.  Super easy, right??

photo 4You can pick up some of the stickers here (in the 1×1.5 inch size), or you can learn to make the scratch-off material here by Miss Martha herself. :)

Happy Holidays!

** Printable available for download here: secretsantacards-outlined