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Home from Europe, Married, New Puppy Mom & It’s the Holidays

Somehow the last time I wrote in this blog, I was only preparing for my *many trips before Europe.  All of that has come and gone, and now I’m home from our amazing trip abroad, married, have a new puppy named Mister Bear and am slaving away for the holiday rush that will inevitably take over my life (as per usual).

I have a million photos that I still need to look through and print.  I was fairly diligent while we were traveling and managed to post about our time for almost 2 weeks.  And then it was all downhill from there, haha.  Traveling for that long and NOT WORKING is an amazing feeling, life-changing really.  But it’s also good to come home to a strong base and remember why all your blessings are even possible.  I loved traveling to so many countries and experiencing so many new cultures with Matt, and while we travel all the time together, this time was different.  This time we were married, and we were honeymooners and we were just so in love with life.  It was incredible and the perfect way to celebrate our marriage and our love, and I wouldn’t change a single moment of it for any reason.  We spent SO MUCH money, but it was beyond worth everything.  To call ourselves blessed is the understatement of the century.

Since being home, work has thankfully slowed down now that wedding season is mostly over.  But it’s holidays now so there’s a different kind of rush – one that I anticipate and look forward to the most.  I just love the holidays.  People seem/ feel kinder in all aspects, and mostly – they’re happier.  I love that.

I have a million photos that I want to post to this blog, so many different countries that I want to talk about, so many of my favorite memories that just need to be written down.  I never seen to make time to do these things, but I hope to.  & hopefully I’ll do it before we travel to our next destination next month – ALASKA.  <3

I’ll leave you with a photo from my favorite city to date — Amsterdam.

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Wanderlust. Always.


I have Wanderlust.  Constantly and always.  In less than 2 months, Matt and I are going on a whirlwind 5 week trip thru Europe.  And because it’s such an expensive trip, we *should* be saving all of our money.  But between now and then there are 8 full wkends.  Which means 8 different weeks we can explore and be outside of our home, whereever that might lead us.

Because I have the inability to stay in one place and I’m queen of instant gratification, since booking our Europe trip we have also: gone to Long Beach, WA for a trip (twice!) with the dogs.  Those trips have been amazing because they are so relaxing and easy.  There is nothing else to it – they just clean my soul inside and out.  We have also taken a few road trips to Oregon because we had nothing else planned & there were amazing hotel deals.  & next weekend we are going to Las Vegas to spend 4 days in the throbbing heat, while relaxing in every single pool we can get into.  And then immediately following, we are doing another roadtrip to the beach to celebrate the 4th of July with my family.  Some wkend after that I’ll be doing another girls trip to Canada in August right before my Europe trip.  & let’s be honest – knowing me and my track record, I’m sure those won’t be the last of my trips this year.

But even with all of that, with all of that planned and still so much more planned after – I still have this gut wrenching feeling that I’m missing out on some big crazy secret and that I need to see/do everything while I still can.  I don’t know where the excitement, anxiety and slight delusion comes from – but I look at flights and deals and hotels almost every other day.  It’s a small (okay, big) obsession and I generally can’t help myself.  Not that it’s okay to literally spend all of my money on travel and food, but I guess in a weird way it’s better than spending all of my money on clothes & shoes?

Sometimes I think I was a hippie in my past life who just aimlessly walked the streets, always in search of something new and exciting.  Or maybe all of this just means I need to move because I’m constantly craving something new.  Whatever it means, for now, I’ll just settle for traveling to/from as many places as I can. <3

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The last time I posted a blog entry I was coming home from my favorite trip of the year – Long Beach for a short 2 day vacation.

Since then, I have gone to Portland for a long weekend and just came back from my second trip to Long Beach this year, this time for 4 days.  I’ve also booked a 5day trip to Vegas for the upcoming month, a 1day beach trip with my family for the 4th of July and a 5-week whirlwind trip to Europe.  Needless to say, it’s an extremely blessed and happy life.

Anyway, unless you’re from Washington, you’re unaware of how peaceful, serene and tiny Long Beach really is.  4 days is a very long time to be in that type of environment without lots of downtime inbetween.  We spent most of our days riding bikes along the 30 miles of greenery, running in the sand with our dogs, walking around town buying taffy from all the tiny shops, and generally just being together and being unplugged.  I only worked 1 night the entire time we were there, but even that was limited because I forgot to pack my laptop charger (which turned out to be a good thing).

One of our nights in, I found myself trolling instagram (only the truth here, haha) and suddenly I was on a strangers blog.  And I read pages and pages of it – without even realizing how long it had been since I put my phone down or how far into the blog I had gone back.  I found the blog at around 11pm and it was suddenly 2am the next time I noticed.

The blog wasn’t particularly interesting or anything for that matter, but I loved that there was an honest and determined will to keep the blog going.  Something I struggle with so often because I can never seem to find the lines between sharing too much and/or sharing too little.  For as long as I can remember, I have always kept a blog – but I’ve also always deleted it after that phase in my life was done with, or after I had emotionally dealt with whatever was going on in my life.  I hate that I almost have no history to look back on.  I want to be able to read what I’ve done, where I’ve gone, how I felt – and most of all, how I overcame all of it.  There’s definitely a fine line between how much I want to share and what I think I should share – and because of that, I tend to disappear from blogging quite often.  I want to talk about work, and my life in general, or my constant need to do something new/more, and/or my travels and the places I’ve been and want to go.  I have to stop trying to make my blog into something it’s not.  I could talk about diy projects and home decor and handwriting and how to throw the perfect party, but that’s not what I ultimately care to talk about, or share.  Yes, I can do all of those things effortlessly and my blog would be beautiful because of it, but it wouldn’t be honest.

So there it is.  I don’t know what this blog is for anymore.  I don’t know what I want to share or not share, but I do know that I want it to exist.  I think that’s a fairly good start. <3

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