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If you’re a small business like me who runs their Instagram to showcase work and/ or interact with customers (current & potential), then you’re probably always wondering how much to/ not to share. Generally speaking, I struggle with this quite a bit. I try to keep it about 90% work, 10% life. But even when I’m only sharing 1% of my life, I still feel weird about it. I go back and forth about whether or not I should delete it, and eventually I do.

But some of my favorite work-related instagrams are filled to the brim with their work as well as their personal life. I never mind seeing their dogs, their food, their life. It helps humanize them, which I think is important when you’re a fan of any type of business. So as much as I know this – I can’t answer why I struggle with it so much. 

Some days I want to delete my entire feed and start over. Share whatever I want – not feel so inhibited, because frankly, no ones opinion should matter but my own. And it doesn’t help that my past career was in Marketing. I mean, I KNOW how to market, but there’s definitely a fine line between showcasing yourself vs while still (trying) to feel humble. Is there even really a line? No matter how I reason it, it just feels different marketing a product or brand, vs trying to market yourself. 

I guess what I’m actually saying is that things are never quite what they seem. My feed and posts on Instagram are beautifully curated, but I’m not feeling that way so much lately. Everything feels so robotic, not enough personality, not enough ME. I have to change that somehow, just not sure exactly how quite yet. 

March 2015, 3 months into 2015

It’s quite hard to believe that it’s already March, and 2 full months into 2015. 

This year so far has been a whirlwind. I barely remember the holidays and barely remember my birthday or the misters birthday, or really any days that didn’t involve work. The upside is that Seattle has been having some amazing weather lately, so I’ve plucked myself out of my office and to anywhere outdoors – with the dogs in tow, of course. Grateful for these sweet moments of pure bliss, uninterrupted by work. 

Also, I’ve decided that it’s important that I post on my website more often. I don’t know why I’ve stayed away for so long. I’m a sharer at heart, I’ve always had a place on the web to call my own. Hopefully installing the WordPress app changes that for me. Accessibility at my fingertips. :)

Happy Monday, lovers!


Definitely one of the perks of being a designer is that you get to dream up amazing ideas, while also have the ability to make them come to fruition.  Branding is definitely part of this – and of all my different design work, it’s hands down a favorite.

But it’s true that when you are a designer, you’re generally *always designing for someone else, and not for yourself.  That being said, I never really took the time or effort to establish my own branding, at least not in the same context and depth that I would for a commissioned project.

So last week, after a long long week of work, I sat at my dining room table and decided that I couldn’t keep sending out packages without any bit of me.  Any bit of my personality.  Of who I am as an artist, as a creator.  It just didn’t feel right anymore.  To be frank, it felt sloppy & not something that I was proud of.

I know that I am indecisive, esp. when it comes to anything attached to myself as an artist.  So I selected colors that I am naturally drawn to – I looked around my house and I saw white/ mint blue/ gold/ black.  I made color swatches and I just started writing.  I didn’t think about it, because I wanted all of it to be natural.  That’s extremely hard when you’re designing, esp. for yourself and not a client – but I NEEDED to be authentic.

A few days later, after loads and loads of coffee, I have fully created new packaging & marketing collateral & I am elated.  I am literally proud everytime I put together a package, even though it takes 5x the amount of time/effort as it did before.  But I’ve always been a packaging girl – I’ve always loved the beauty of such simple little things, so it didn’t make sense that my branding had no aspect of that.

I am excited and happy and proud.  A little effort goes a long way, and this was long long overdue.  Yay!

IMG_3032The entire suite – minus a few pieces like flat notecard, take care of me (for ceramics) instructions, wine label instructions, mailer, & stamp.

IMG_3085I like that I’ve thought through everything – wine labels get 3 pieces of collateral.  Wine label removal & care instructions, a hello notecard & a ‘snap & share’ piece.

IMG_3126All of my Bach Party Packs come with a button or magnet on the muslin bag.  These are fun sayings like below. :)


Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.21.58 AM

Not sure if you can read the cards, but they’re fun.  They’re so me & that’s the best part.