Halloween Party + Decor.

So I threw a Halloween party this year – ‘Costumes + Cocktails’ to be exact.

While I love a good Costume party, I’m honestly not the biggest halloween-decor fan.  Mostly because I think anything/ everything Halloween-decor related is tacky, so I just made sure to incorporate elements of orange/ tan throughout. But let’s be honest – I am just a fan of ANY party, as long as I get to decorate :)

Because it was a Halloween party, it only made sense to make a dessert/ cake table.  Everything on this table literally cost no more than $40.  Sweet deal considering I ALWAYS do Charcuterie/ food settings.  I just picked up a small pumpkin pie, some candy, chips, pumpkin pie cookies, pretzels, chocolate, some oreos, some milano cookies, and cupcakes.  I love the clean look of table settings, so I always strive for that – regardless of the food options.

halloween-foodI decided I wanted a Champagne bar for the ladies, which included 3 different types of Champagnes – a Prosecco, a Rose, and a Dry.  I wanted to make it fun and interactive, so I had 4 different types of fruit add-ins, in addition to a side of Cherries + Olives.  Everyone LOVED the bar and I easily wrote out 3 Champagne drink mixes on Chalkboard Contact paper (so easy!).  I have always been a fan of using stemmed glassware vs. anything plastic, so I *may have picked up more glasses than necessary. :)

For the guys, we did a Scotch + Cigar bar.  I thought it would be fun to write out the 4 different types, along with the yrs, aromas, etc.  This was incredibly helpful, esp. for those who are new to Scotches.  And while most of the guys weren’t huge Scotch/ Whiskey fans, they did enjoy the Cigars.  Matt is a pretty big Scotch fan so he enjoyed himself, even if no one else did haha.  Doesn’t matter to me – it was pretty all the same. :)

scotchTon of family, friends, coworkers, etc came and it couldn’t have turned out better.  The party was just a few days ago but I’m already planning our next.. haha.

PS – can you guess what I was??

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