Long Beach


Back in March, Matt and I took a trip to Long Beach with our dogs in tow & it was literally the best trip we have ever taken.  There was absolutely nothing to do other than ride our bikes along the 25 mile trail, run around the beach with our dogs, & eat at the amazing hotel restaurant.  These are my favorite photos of 2015 thus far, mostly because I reminisce about this trip so often.  SO often infact that Matt and I have rebooked this same exact trip, again for May (yay!).  But this time we’re staying longer – 4 nights to be exact.

This morning I read an article that said “If you’re always wanting and wishing for a vacation, maybe it’s that you actually want a new life”.  I think about moving quite often, but I know that I wouldn’t give up this life I’ve created for anything.  What I do know is that I WORK TOO DAMN MUCH & I need to do something about it.  I’ve seriously been looking into office space, because I’ve outgrown the two offices at home.  & I desperately need the separation from home life and work life.  <3

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