As I’m writing this, there is a heavy rainfall outside my office window.  It’s been constant downpour lately here in Seattle.  We did have one beautiful sunny day recently and it was everything – blue skies, warm weather, a sunny day that turned into a gorgeous sunset.  Then it went back to rain, always goes back to rain.

I’ve never felt this sensation of my overall mood being affected by weather before.  But this year the rain and the cold has been so constant, more constant than I can remember of all my years living here.  I couldn’t tell you why the weather has been so wet and dreary, but I can definitely tell you that I’m in need of some warm cool nights and sunshine.  Mostly just sunshine.

In many ways weather is like waiting for life to happen.  In every aspect of my life, I take control, I take charge, I don’t make excuses, I am a do-er.  I’ve always been.  But waiting for the weather to get better is like waiting for paint to dry – it’s something you can’t rush, something you don’t control, something that will *eventually happen.  And while there isn’t anything I’m necessarily waiting for, I generally feel this uneasy heaviness lately.  So until I figure out what it is, I’ll just continue waiting.. waiting for the seasons, waiting for the spring, waiting for the flowers to bloom.


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