Sunday nights.

Our vacation came and went, and now I’m home – back in the swing of things.  It’s currently Sunday night, a little after midnight, and I’m doing what I always do — working into the wee hours of the night because I spend Monday mornings hanging out with my mom (which means nothing work-related until about 3pm).

Needless to say, our Vegas trip was exactly what I needed.  We ate (of course!), lounged at the pool for waaaay too many hours, gambled, shopped, and basically did nothing but relaxed and played and had no set agenda.  I even won $118 off of a $2 bet, but the next day I lost over $200, so not really much to brag about there, haha.

The only thing about coming home from a trip (even a short trip) is that mounds and mounds of work await you.  I truly never thought that things would be this crazy or hectic when I started working for myself fulltime.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s a blessing completely in itself – but it’s a LOT of work as well.

This week I have a ton on deck – 2 HUGE wedding suites that need to be finalized, printed AND shipped, a branding and logo suite, some ad banner graphics I need to finish, tons of freelance mktg work, and of course – fulfilling all my orders.  It always stresses me out when I think about all of the deadlines and how I’m going to manage, but then M comes into the room, picks up some scissors and stays with me (working) for the next few hours.  What a sweet man – and what a blessing it is that I get to do what I love (& with someone who loves me and completely supports me to no end).

Besides all of this work related stuff, I moved my office into my guestroom (because it’s much bigger), but I haven’t completely moved out or in – meaning, I’m working out of 2 rooms at the moment and it’s becoming quite.. ridiculous.  I just need to find 3/4 hrs and complete the job, otherwise I’ll be stuck in this transition for awhile.  It’s driving my crazy because my printers & supplies are everywhere.  I just need to find some time… just a little bit of time.

PS – I’d like to go on vacation again.  Like, tmr please :)

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