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In my head…

Alright.. so it’s definitely been a little while since I’m posted anything here.  The truth is that I had a full-on tutorial written for my DIY wire tassels, only to have that post magically disappear (did I hit save, doesn’t it autosave?, who knows anymore).  I attempted to rewrite the entire post which was LONNGGG, but have since avoided this blog like the plague because of it.  I’ll get the tutorial up… eventually. :)

Outside of that, it’s business taxes season (due in about 7 days to be exact) so I’m a little overwhelmed.  And the monotony of being in my home office by myself with just my two dogs – who do not have conversations with me, haha – was starting to get old, so here I am, sitting at a Barnes & Noble, finally updating my blog.

The last week was filled with lots of design work and attempts to create new product.  I am such a perfectionist when it comes to new products in my shop, but when it comes to designing product/ items for family & friends – the inspiration just comes to me.  And I always end up loving the work that I’ve created for them.

That’s the funny thing about designing – I can spend 10 hours on a piece for my shop that I only semi-like, only to LOVE something that I’ve created for a friend, which only took 30 minutes to create.

Needless to say, I think I’m in my head too much.  Comparing and not enjoying.  If only I could do design projects for friends all my life… haha

photo 2(1)

PS – the ‘Let’s Celebrate’ is also handwritten and then digitized – something I have the hardest time doing when it comes to my shop.  It just never feels right…

DIY Notebooks

Home from Hawaii… and it’s back to the grind.

As I am seeing loads and loads of photos from #NYNOW, I thought it would be fun to do a post dedicated to notebooks.  I am an unapologetic notebook hoarder.  I literally mean that – everytime and anytime I see a beautiful notebook, I purchase it.  I’m not really sure for what anymore these days since I have so many…

Anyway, my favorite type of notebooks are roughly 8.5 x 5.5.  They’re generally the standard sized notebooks for anything work/ note taking related, but I also love jotters.  Jotters are anywhere from 4×5.5 to 3×4 in size.  They’re perfect for little notes, recipes, grocery shopping, etc.

But – who wants to pay for these tiny little itty bitty notebooks that you fill up in less than a week?  I know I don’t.  I’d rather save my money for the larger notebooks, haha.

That said, I thought it would be fun to make some notebooks for my bff’s 30th bday, which I’m hosting at my home this weekend (busy busy!).  There will be LOTS of sneak peaks regarding her party, and this is the first.

I’ll be doing something with these notebooks that tie everything decor-related together.  She’s a youtube cook (link here: eatnowcrylater) so it’s all kind of perfect.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 8.05.29 PM

These were all designed, printed, & packaged in my home office – and they were crazy easy.  I’ll post a tutorial sometime next week!

For now, I must finish filling a crazy amount of shop orders and of course, unpacking. :)

Blessed to be 30

So Matt’s birthday is on February 1.  My birthday is February 2.  And my best friend’s birthday is Feb. 12th.

We all turn 30 this year. :)

Matt and I will be *thankfully* spending our birthday in Hawaii this year!  We wanted to do something big, so he planned the entire trip and booked us flights + hotels for the week, and gave me the gift on Christmas.  Sneaky guy.

In lieu of all of this, I didn’t want to do anything for my birthday either before or after I returned from my trip.  There is just so much going on (ie: Chinese New Year, both our birthdays, my cousin’s 18th, Valentine’s day, my bff’s birthday, etc…) so it made sense to skip it altogether.  Maybe just a nice dinner with my family..

So I show up on Friday to my brother’s house for a family dinner, and it’s a surprise party for both me and Matt.  It’s decked out in Hawaii themed decor, with deep fried pork, mai tai’s, spam musubi and katsu galore.  I was overwhelmed, and I didn’t expect and/or need it.  But the preparation, the planning and then the execution meant so much to me.  More than that – some of my favorite people who I haven’t seen in forever were there. <3

There are a lot of things in life that don’t need to be done – throwing parties, preparing food, creating theme’s, making and keeping surprises – but all of it adds so much excitement.  When I walked through the door, everyone thought I looked un-surprised.  But that wasn’t it – I was caught offguard and elated and surprised and happy and even at this age, I still have a hard time letting people do such nice, amazing things for me.  I was just letting it all sink in… :)

And now I’m prepping for Hawaii tomorrow, where I’ll be spending my birthday on the beach, sipping margaritas and watching my city win the Superbowl.  How amazing is that??  To put it mildly, I am blessed and am definitely excited to be turning 30.  I *also* told myself I needed to do something big when I hit this amazing mark – and what’s bigger than leaving my career behind in pursuit of my dreams??


(Image via Pinterest)

This article by Olivia Wilde also makes the big 3-0 more exciting.