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In my head…

Alright.. so it’s definitely been a little while since I’m posted anything here.  The truth is that I had a full-on tutorial written for my DIY wire tassels, only to have that post magically disappear (did I hit save, doesn’t it autosave?, who knows anymore).  I attempted to rewrite the entire post which was LONNGGG, but have since avoided this blog like the plague because of it.  I’ll get the tutorial up… eventually. :)

Outside of that, it’s business taxes season (due in about 7 days to be exact) so I’m a little overwhelmed.  And the monotony of being in my home office by myself with just my two dogs – who do not have conversations with me, haha – was starting to get old, so here I am, sitting at a Barnes & Noble, finally updating my blog.

The last week was filled with lots of design work and attempts to create new product.  I am such a perfectionist when it comes to new products in my shop, but when it comes to designing product/ items for family & friends – the inspiration just comes to me.  And I always end up loving the work that I’ve created for them.

That’s the funny thing about designing – I can spend 10 hours on a piece for my shop that I only semi-like, only to LOVE something that I’ve created for a friend, which only took 30 minutes to create.

Needless to say, I think I’m in my head too much.  Comparing and not enjoying.  If only I could do design projects for friends all my life… haha

photo 2(1)

PS – the ‘Let’s Celebrate’ is also handwritten and then digitized – something I have the hardest time doing when it comes to my shop.  It just never feels right…