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Spring – But Feels Like Winter

Last night I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to write in this blog, even though I’ve completely ignored it for over 1.5 years.  I don’t know where the time goes, but the holidays passed, we both had birthdays, my business turned another year older, and while so much has changed, so much has also stayed the same.

I went to a dinner party recently and it somehow turned into a business group meeting.  There were people there with all types of backgrounds – salsa dancers, pilots, entrepreneurs, product managers, etc.  I started talking to the pilot about a new product he is launching and just different ways he could market his brand – and it went on for hours and hours.  Unintentionally.  It was incredible, and gratifying and so intellectually stimulating.  I left the party that night thinking about how much I miss marketing and giving marketing advice, more than that, being part of an overall marketing strategy.

The reality I’m facing right now is this: while I love love LOVE what I do and I love the relationships I’ve made, I miss marketing.  Traditional marketing.  I realize that so much of what I’m doing now is marketing in the sense of social media and affiliate, performance marketing, but it’s difficult to market yourself.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that, even 4.5 years in the game.

When I started this business, it was 100% unintentional.  I found a niche basically because I created a product that didn’t exist and I posted it online, to an incredible response.  I am and have always been motivated by action and results, so it only made sense for me to try it out.  I made a plan – I prepped and transitioned out of my marketing manager role for an entire year – and then I took the leap.  I got swept up in the possibilities, the challenge, the creativity, and the limitlessness of being a woman entrepreneur.  I am and will always be grateful for what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve built for myself, and for the success I’ve had – but for the first time I’m starting to wonder if I should keep the business, or if it’s time for me to move on.

That’s a really harsh reality, mostly because there is no reason for me to stop what I’m doing.  I could be traveling the world right now and leave my shop on autopilot and I still wouldn’t have to worry about income, or bills, or anything monetary.  But it goes beyond that, and facing that truth is something I’m struggling with at the moment.  I don’t know if this means that I’ll be in a different working environment by the end of this year, or by the year of 2-3 years, but I do know that it’s definitely a possibility.

And while all of that freaks me out a little bit, it’s also extremely exhilarating and liberating to make my own decisions, at my own pace.

With all of that said, I’ll leave you with a photo from Costa Rica – my favorite trip last year.  I’ll eventually post about all my trips last year along with photos (there were a lot!) – eventually.


Home from Europe, Married, New Puppy Mom & It’s the Holidays

Somehow the last time I wrote in this blog, I was only preparing for my *many trips before Europe.  All of that has come and gone, and now I’m home from our amazing trip abroad, married, have a new puppy named Mister Bear and am slaving away for the holiday rush that will inevitably take over my life (as per usual).

I have a million photos that I still need to look through and print.  I was fairly diligent while we were traveling and managed to post about our time for almost 2 weeks.  And then it was all downhill from there, haha.  Traveling for that long and NOT WORKING is an amazing feeling, life-changing really.  But it’s also good to come home to a strong base and remember why all your blessings are even possible.  I loved traveling to so many countries and experiencing so many new cultures with Matt, and while we travel all the time together, this time was different.  This time we were married, and we were honeymooners and we were just so in love with life.  It was incredible and the perfect way to celebrate our marriage and our love, and I wouldn’t change a single moment of it for any reason.  We spent SO MUCH money, but it was beyond worth everything.  To call ourselves blessed is the understatement of the century.

Since being home, work has thankfully slowed down now that wedding season is mostly over.  But it’s holidays now so there’s a different kind of rush – one that I anticipate and look forward to the most.  I just love the holidays.  People seem/ feel kinder in all aspects, and mostly – they’re happier.  I love that.

I have a million photos that I want to post to this blog, so many different countries that I want to talk about, so many of my favorite memories that just need to be written down.  I never seen to make time to do these things, but I hope to.  & hopefully I’ll do it before we travel to our next destination next month – ALASKA.  <3

I’ll leave you with a photo from my favorite city to date — Amsterdam.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.42.20 PM

More sunny day(s)!

Please excuse my absence – I’ve been out enjoying the sun!  It has been breathtakingly beautiful here in Seattle.  So excited for Spring now that it’s finally here. :)

Life and work has been great.  Last night I went to an Entrepreneur event that my old company hosts every month, and to be honest, I found myself a little hesitant to go.  It’s been about 3/4 months since I’ve seen everyone, and I knew there would be lots of small talk and questions about how I’m doing… how my business is doing… what I’m doing..

Surprisingly (which really shouldn’t even be a surprise), everyone was super supportive, no one even asked how my workload is cause they all assumed it’s going well, and I was even asked to quote several print projects.  It’s funny how you can doubt yourself so much when you’re literally surrounded by nothing but support.  And the truth is I don’t even know why there is any doubt – I’m doing this, legit doing it.  Sometimes I’m so weird… haha.

Anyway, I designed this super cute Flower Girl card for one of my brides, & I loved the poem so much I’m actually going to list the card.  For some reason I never think twice about listing the custom work I’ve done, even though I get so many questions about them.


See how amazing the sunshine is??

Life is good.  & it’s Friday – which I (honestly) did not know.  Working for yourself you just seem to lose track of the days..

Sunny Days

Today was probably one of the most beautiful days that we’ve had in awhile, here in Seattle.  I absolutely took advantage of it and spent most of my time in my backyard, designing & photography new goods.  It’s definitely one of my favorite past-times (maybe because I don’t get to do it often? ha), designing outside with my dogs running around.

The funny thing about me designing is that I have literally not designed anything new in awhile now..  maybe close to 3-4 months.  I’ve launched new items, but those were things I’d designed long ago but just recently released.  I actually forgot about designing.. which might sound weird, but I did.  My daily workload consists mainly of fulfilling orders of pre-existing designs and/or tweaking freelance projects I’d already finalized.  I haven’t designed from scratch in quite a bit of time.  But today I did.  And it was liberating.

photo 2

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.46.03 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 3.16.40 PM

Isn’t it funny how you can forget what you love, even while you’re supposedly doing what you love?  And I’m also *very* into watercolors lately – can you tell?

Aside from that, I just returned from a MUCH NEEDED all girls trip to San Francisco.  It was amazing, and the weather was amazing, and my girlfriends are amazing.  The only thing the trip lacked was a pool, haha.  I’m pretty sure I was a fish in my last lifetime, even though I can’t swim…



Anyway, I love daylight savings because it’s 7pm and still so gorgeous outside.  Enjoy your day, lovelies! <3

Humbled & Truth(s).

It’s officially March, which means I’ve been at this self-employment thing for about 3 months now.  And to say that I am grateful is an understatement.  The sole fact that I’m okay, that I have constant work, that I’m being picked up in retailers/ boutiques proves that I really can do this.  That I AM doing it.

I am so humbled by all of the support, the kindness, the return customers.  Living your dream, creating and making work that you are so proud of, the feeling is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.  While I’ve always had creative side work, it’s always just been side work.  It was never my total income or fulltime gig, and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude.  If it seems like I’m in total shock right now, it’s because I (still) am.  Sometimes I even catch myself telling people I’m a Marketing Manager… ha!  Such a lifetime ago.

Aside from all of that, I’ve been thinking about family a lot lately.  While I am so happy about my business, I definitely didn’t plan for any of this – being 30 and not married, with no kids and no health insurance.  I never thought I’d quit my job and put everything I’ve always wanted on hold, while I figured out… life.  It’s scary to be in my shoes and worry that life will pass me by, and before I know it I’ll be 40 with an amazing job I’ve created – but have nothing else to show for it.  The truth is that if i hadn’t left my job, if I was still in my plush gig, I’d probably be thinking about really *trying* for a baby & getting married right now.  I’m not really sure what else to say about any of that – because this is ultimately what I chose.  I guess some days that reality is just harder to swallow than others…

Anyway – enough of that.
Happy Sunday, friends.